Protest Activities Day of Action January 21, 2013

News from the January 21 protests:

From NYC:

Video (by Carla Npsg):

WBAI radio show “The Largest Minority” interviewing participants in NYC protest (starts 15 minutes in):

And discussion and call-in questions:

Report and photos from Lorre Mendelson in Nashville:

An amazing day in Nashville, in the cold for close to two hours with the spirits of allies and ancestors around me and a statue behind me with a caption “doing what I can to make a difference in the world” as I held my signs to stop psychia…tric profiling. Several nods, smiles, peace signs and waves warmed my way, and knowing my sisters and brothers around the world were joining me in saying the Hatred stops here. I protest anything connecting violence and people with psychiatirc diagnoses. In the words of Samuel Clement, “lightning is to a lightning bug” and I say “as violence is to mental illness.” In the words of Jusin and Yoshika Dart, Lead On!
photo4 photo2

Report and photos from Glens Falls, NY (photos by Diana Signe Kline, report by Tina Minkowitz):

in Glens Falls – four of us gathered and stood in cold weather with our signs, I’m sharing two photos here (from before everyone arrived) and more to come. about 20 honks in the two hours, and two nice young people stopped by who have been in the system, very conscious that the hallucinations are caused by trauma and thanked us for what we were doing.

also had some conversation with a person in the movement who is a 2nd amendment supporter, learned more about her point of view, it’s not about wanting to engage in violence but more about self-protection. I am not endorsing that view myself but it’s worth knowing that there’s a moral universe in which it makes sense to people to have everyone owning guns.

GFphoto1 GFphoto2

Report from Amy Smith in Colorado:

For today’s action, I introduced the state representative who is writing our new ICC law, Representative Beth McCann, to Jim Gottstein, Tina Minkowitz and Ron Bassman, for her education & illumination- hopefully she or her staff will follow up! She will attend our February P&A meeting, along with Ron, so THAT should be educational for all, LOL!

Report from Jim Gottstein in Alaska:

For today’s action, I wrote one of my Senators, Lisa Murkowski, who is on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, which is holding a hearing this Thursday on Assessing the State of America’s Mental Health Program.

Photos from “Snowed-In” Connecticut:

13mlkday01 13mlkday02

Solidarity from London:


Solidarity from Debra Shulkes in Czech Republic:

Sending support and solidarity from Prague today – I’m horrified by the move to create state and federal databases of people labelled as mentally ill – my friends, my colleagues.

On January 21, 2013 for the Day of Action to Stop Psychiatric Profiling:

In Glens Falls, NY we will gather from 2-4pm at the “Civil War Monument” Bay St @ Glen St, with signs and flyers and black triangles.  Sign-making materials will be available.

In New York City, the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall St will be holding a silent vigil from 3-5pm inside Grand Central Station (E. 42nd St. and Park Ave.) in Manhattan and assembling at the Information booth in the middle of the rotunda.

In Nashville, there will be a protest from 11:30am – 1pm on the sidewalk bordering Centennial Park across the street from Barnes & Noble, West End.

There will be a local protest in Northampton, MA against psychiatric profiling. It will be held at Edwards Church (297 Main St, corner of State and Main) at noon on MLK Day.

Stay tuned for photos and reports, and check the Facebook page for more information.

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