Protests, legislative hearings etc. after Day of Action

Upcoming events

News of past events:

Hartford, CT March 2, 2013 11am:  Rally in Response to the CT Legislature Considering Outpatient Commitment, Putting People Who Ask the Mental Health System for Help in Databases, And The Psychiatric Screening Of Children  Radical rally ad CT

IMG_20130302_132625for more photos from March 2 protest see

Albany, NY silent protest February 27, 2013 8:30am  Link to more information and press release Feb27photo2 Feb27photo3 Feb27photo4 Feb27photo5 Feb27photo6

for videos from February 27 protest, see

February 4, 2013:  Ari Ne’eman speaks at Syracuse University: Mass Murder is Stereotyping Neurological and Psychiatric Disabilities MassMurderStereotypes_Ari_Neeman

Connecticut legislature’s Mental Health Services Working Group, January 29, 2013:  Our activists testify, some of them wearing Stop Psychiatric Profiling t-shirts.  Here is a link to the archived footage:  Good and bad written testimonies are at

connecticut hearing photo1

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