The bad and the ugly

NY “SAFE” Act – the first new profiling law, rushed through the NY legislature by Governor Cuomo even before the White House released its proposals:

White House: “Now Is The Time” – proposals for legislation and executive orders for more profiling and aggressive screening in schools:

Senate Judiciary Committee hearing January 30, 2013:

Senate HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) hearing January 24, 2013:

Do you think only the Soviet Union used psychiatry to shut up political dissidents?  Read this:

Ron Manderscheid approach to profiling: screening tools for expressed or intended violence toward self or others, to be developed with assistance of mental health professionals, and duty to report “expressed or intended violence” extended to a wide range of designated professionals:

Mental Health First Aid: promoted by Manderscheid and the organization he heads as Executive Director, National Association of County Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Directors, MHFA is a mass screening and intervention program that enlists ordinary people as well as a variety of professionals to discover signs of mental illness and send their neighbors, friends, family and clients to the mental illness system including by coercive and quasi-coercive referrals. Special course on youth.  MFHA already has statewide programs in several states including Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland and Missouri, see

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